It is with great joy that I take this opportunity to congratulate the Ithna asheri Union to present to the community its first ever website since its inception.

It is a clear sign of dedication and hard work of the youth who have managed to outline to the public of the happenings and events hosted by this integral section of our community.

My sincere gratitude to the chairman, Fazalbhai Kassam for having undertaken this task and we pray to allah to grant him the strength of serving the community better.

Union Sports Club has been one of the most crucial segments of IU's journey half a century back and is still thriving for immense improvement of it's facilities and infrastructure to match international standards.

With the website now in place I am sure we shall be able to receive a lot of suggestions from the outside world and within the community. We look forward to hearing from the public to serve the community to the best of our abilities.

My sincere appreciation to the Literary Section for working tirelessly and making sure that this website is fully operational. Good job and keep it up.

With this short message I wish all sections best of luck and we pray to Allah to grant us strength to reach our goals.

Arif Hassanali Dhirani.
Chairman - USC
Arif Dhirani
Auto Palace
0782 309 545

Union Sports Club is the official sports club of the Khoja Shia Ithnaasheri Jamaat of Dar es Salaam. The club boasts a large member base with approximately 1000+ members, most of them being youths. Our complex is located on United Nations Road, next to Al Muntazir School. The complex offers facilities for various sports such as: Soccer, Volleyball, Cricket, Squash, Table Tennis, Pool, Darts.